Monday, August 24, 2009

Are you ACTIVE....

Car accidents...they happen to me!!! I was in one last week. Not fun at all. No broken bones...just bruised up pretty bad. Actually I have a temporary built in seat belt (bruise) across my body. Thank goodness for seatbelts...even if they do a bit of damage. At least I am not broken.

Car accidents...make ya Crazy! I went into panic mode...the paramedics (who i kept referring to as pediatrics as well as periandrics...huh?) were trying to ask me questions and I went on a swearing spree. Weird! Then I started crying because I had sworn so much. (Crazy). I went to the other cars...and kept apologizing, and would start crying again. They were great...I was not! (Crazy)
Car accidents...make you say Looney things (or maybe it was the drugs). I was very ok with sharing intimate details of my life with my supervisor (who so kindly sat with through this whole ordeal) (Looney). The heart doc came into my room to perform an EKG on me. They have to place those sticky circles across your chest. Lets just say that was the most action I have ever gotten. Well he had to stick one quite close to an intimate area. When taking them off he ripped that one off quite fiercely..."Hey, could I get my nipple back?!", I replied. (Looney)
They wanted to make sure that I was not broken and ran all sorts of tests...Which means the hospital staff persistently asks... are you pregnant? NO! Is there any possibility that you could be? NO! They have to! So I was getting used to answering these questions. My last test, a MRI...I was asked those same questions followed by "are you active...?" I replied with a firm YES! Not seeing this as a problem, she asks me to do a pregnancy test. I asked her, whatever for? Then it clicked and I said to her "oh, NO, I am not SEXUALLY active... I thought you meant active as if you can move around!" (Looney) Ooops… I blame it on the drugs
Ok maybe I am Crazy and Looney already…but if anything, car accidents and the drugs to ease the pain … are nice reminders!!!!

Drive Safe and Buckle Up!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

There is still HOPE for you...

I was at a wedding reception recently, chatting away, gettin my groove on, ya know doin my thang... and this lady (who shall not be named)...came up behind me and gave me this awkward side shoulder hug and said "See, Amber, there is still HOPE for YOU..." Bahahaha. Yep she surely did say that. Loved it! I looked at her with my quizzical, bewildered eyes...and said "Hope...whatever for?" She then proceeded to go on about the whole marriage thing. blah blah blah. I told her I was not too worried about. Which to be honest, I am not. Ya sure, I wouldn’t mind getting married as much as the next chick (ok maybe not that much), but it will happen when it happens. She was dumbstruck that I was NOT worried. "You are not worried...well I am!?!" , she said. Bahahaha, for the second time. Geesh I am 26... Get ova it lady!

Receptions... gotta luv um, family...gotta luv um too!!!
While I am not worried... I will continue to get my groove on, and do my thang...no use wasting time worrying. Life is too short, and continues to get shorter...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Zupas...It's about time!!!

My First encounter with ZUPAS occurred this week. If you are a fan of ZUPAS...you may be thinking...where has this chick been living...a cave?! Well I feel like I have, after indulging my taste buds in the amazing sensations of ZUPAS! I can now never go back to life before ZUPAS. I have been told time and time again that I need to eat at Zupas. Ya ya...I know. But never really got a round to it. They are not in the most convenient of locations. But after trying out ZUPAS...any location is convenient. I ate there for the first time on Tuesday, and then on Friday. But the 2 days between I continued to brainstorm how I could get there for a quick bite to eat. Who knew you could be completely obsessed with an eating establishment? I now know that you can... I can!!! I first treated my palette to the pina-colada salad and Hawaiian chicken BBQ panini. WOW! A tropical paradise on my tongue!
I am in no way trying to advertise for ZUPAS...I am advertising the fact that we should never fear trying something new and to venture out of our boxes. There are a world of experiences to discover...even if it is just that food joint you have never tried, down the street...get out there and experience! ZUPAS!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh my gosh, you cut your hair...Do you love it!?

So my hair...I cut it...ok CHOPPED it!!! I have to admit the best part of about doing something...and by something I am mean drastic...to your appearance, are the people reactions...the comments... the expressions. What fun! It almost makes me want to do something drastic on a daily basis, just to be completely entertained by it all, all the time.
I have to admit, I LOVE my hair. It is great hair. I am not being prideful, just admitting something I like about myself. But I have come to realize that if I am starting to defined by a physical trait...such as the long blonde hair...I must do something about it. Drum roll please....CHOP it!!! So I did just that. I had become to be known as, you know that girl... she has the long blonde hair. It has happened once or twice in my duration upon earth. I always fix i by the CHOP.
Anyway... the comments. Some make me LOL, other should make me wanna cry, but mainly they just put a happy little :) on my face.

Top 10:

10. "So chick!!!" (yeppidy yep)

9. "It makes me wanna chop mine" (do it!!!)

8. "Did you cut your hair?" ( nope...it grew back into my head!)

7. "ahhhh...you look so cute and sweet!" (exactly what i was going for, the flower girl walking down the aisle)

6. "Your hair...it's gone...all gone" (wow! it amazes me how others can be more attached to my hair then I am attached to it...and it was literally attached to me...baaah)

5."Are you new?" ( sure am!)

4. "Why did you do that to your head (hair)?" (it's that bad huh?)

3. " You look so hot and sassy!" ( I am hot and sassy)

2. "Oh wow... it makes you look so.. mature... mid 30's almost" ( should I be flattered...or offended?)

1. "Oh my gosh, you cut your hair...Do you love it?!" (hate it, hate it...really...did u just ask that?)

In short...no punn intended...ok it really was intended.... Get a hair cut....and receive free quality entertainment for a week or even two.

choppidy chops away...

a Blog...Why not!

I have been thinking about being a blogger for a while now. You may even come across a few of my blank attempts out there in blogger land. They will be the ones that say...nothing…because I never really got around to actually getting anything written or I would completely forget that I had even started one. So...here I am again. But I am going to actually do something this time. I realize I have a lot to share, so I am gunna share it. I notice on a daily basis, how often I would love to share my thoughts with the world, but I only end up sharing them with a few of my co-workers, who often hear my non-stop chatter coming from my office, or my roommates, who occasionally hear me chat or even sing to myself from the other room. Then with my sister, who enjoys playing the "shhh...can you hear that?" game, just to get me to be quiet for one minute, or there is my mom who I know thinks to herself on most occasions, "where did this girl come from?!". I figure... I am a chick with a lot of random thoughts...and a lot of random feelings…so might as well share. If you do not want to partake of this randomness that I like to call, LIFE ...I am totally cool with that...No hurt feelings here. If you do, proceed with caution, cuz it's gunna be good! Might as well get my creative juices flowing through the power of blogspot. A BLOG... WHY NOT?!