Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My lease is up on my car next week! How did Roxy (my cute lil Mazda 3) get to be 3?! Time sure flies when you are zoomin along. I am meeting with someone from Mazda tonight. Having some anxiety on what to do.... To keep Roxy or trade her in for a CX7 (name unknown)? I feel saddened by the thought of not having Roxy any longer, but having me some 4WD would be pleasant. I am just not quite sue what to do. Such a temporal decision, but it has been on my mind. I have procrastinated it until the week before. I am thinking I will probably just keep her around, I just bought her new tires...all terrain... can we say Snow Bunny?! Who knows... until tonight!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Since there is currently NO sunshine these days... I wanted to focus on sunshiny things.

I got an email from JetBlue with a special inside with options to fly to a number of locations with sunshine for super cheap! There was my favorite option...Long Beach Cali! Oh how I love Long Beach. I am in complete LOVE love with their cute airport. I day dreamed as I read this email, of me getting off the plane, there in Long Beach, and the sunshine beating down on me, with a warm gentle sea breeze. Man! I have to wipe the drool off of my chin! If I could get the time off of work, and had the extra cash... I woulda sooo been on that! Until then.... my day dreams will have to suffice :(

I have been also been craving a nice, cold, tropical, Pina Colalda! Yum! If I am drinkin one of those..it means I am somewhere warm... and not here!

I miss my bathing suites! I would so love to hop into one of those and hit the pool with towel, tanning lotion, and shades in hand! I am so craving a sun burn... weird?! Yes... but it means the sun kissed my skin... and my skin is in need of some action these days!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ok... So I may have some A.D.D. tendencies. Its' all good. i have just learned that it can be quite entertaining... even if just to myself.
For Halloween this year I did not just have one costume... I had 4!!! Yep, and they were all pretty much last minute...and Rocked!

1. A Witch...Witch Witch you're a Witch!

2. Crazy Eccentric Governess from England/Transylvania...Murder Mystery.

3. A Pirate...Ok maybe more like a Wench...Hott?!

4. Zombie.... Thriller, Need I say more?!

Ok so I may have A.D.D., but with it you cant get too bored! HAPPY HAUNTING!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4 in the morn...

Trying to figure out when to work in my much needed gym time! I have a new schedule with my great new job. I work from 7 am to 3pm. It is pretty great actually! I do not have to deal with as much traffic in my work commute...which is good, cuz I am known to get hit with a dose of road rage every now and again. Before starting this new schedule... I thought how great it will be to go to the gym in the afternoon. I tried it out a couple of times last week...but I was not the biggest fan of that time. I have been an early bird at the gym since January of this year... I like earlier! There is less people, more machines, quicker workout, and I feel like it is more of me time. In the afternoon... I feel as if I am just shoving the workout in! In the afternoon I doddle a lot more, and am super tired from work. All I wanna do is crawl in my bed and sleep sleep sleep. So I decided to try on the early bird shift again...
which means
4 a.m. !!!

I am beginning to get the hang of it.. 4a.m. comes mighty early...but I love having my workout done for the day! It's a glorious feeling! Yes... I am so darn tired right now... but I can take a nap when I get home if I feel so inclined. Love that!!!

p.s. made it to the gym at 4 a.m. yesterday... but the gym was NOT ready for me :( They are open 24 hours.. except for Mondays... when they open at 5a.m.!!! I had to learn that the difficult way!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have a love/hate relationship with CHANGE!!! Think about it... no one just kinda likes change! It is either one extreme or the other. For me it depends on the change...and if I wanted it or not.

Well...I am LOVIN change these days! I left my job as a DCFS social worker to become a paid intern as a high school guidence counselor! I am pretty darn excited about this new adventure. I was in defenite need of this change. I was completely BURNED out as a social worker. There was a day when I loved my job...that day has left me long ago. I knew I needed a change for a while...but the change I was looking for was not falling into place...so I just kept hanging on!

I am grateful I did...because the change came! It not only came in the nick of time...but it is the miracle of my life these days.

Someone was lookin out for me and holdin off on this change...when I would deeply appreciate it!


Sunday, August 15, 2010


At church today we had a new girl in our Relief Society...she was so darn cute and 19! Even before I asked her, her age, I knew she was a young one. Then it got me wishin for a few moments that I could be 19 again, and people thinkin... oh she is young and cute! I swear it was just yesterday... I was fresh out of high school, ready to take on the world! I loved 19 and 20....they were my favorite ages... but I have added a few more favorites as time has gone on...27 is definitely NOT one of them! I had so many dreams and goals...where have those gone today?! I know 27 is not old...but when I sit next to cute 19 year-old gals, I do wonder where I fit it on the old spectrum. It really starts to put things into perspective for me. I have sure experienced a lot since 19... school in Hawaii, mission in New York, heartache, passing of loved ones, relationships that helped me learn so much about myself and what I want.
But hey at least I have lots of people fooled...I get 22 all the time! I'll take that! Totally random thoughts...but Truth be Told... I was thinkin them!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Could I Get that on Video....

I tore the tendons in my lovely and oh so handy right foot! How did this happen you may be asking...
I live quite the wild life style, as most of you may know ;) I went on a getaway vacay to South America. I decided to be adventurous and go base jumping in a tropical rainforest. It looked ridiculously exciting! there were no thoughts in my head of what damage could result from this activity...I just wanted an adrenaline rush! Woo Woo! So I took my chances. Long story short... I landed wrong on my foot, and really tore it up. Can you believe this?


Truth... I was working and had to go to court for one of my cases. I was sitting there waiting for the bailiff to call my case in. The courthouse is nice enough to provide wood benches for our sitting pleasure. I had right leg crossed over my left leg. They called my case, I quickly stood up, but realized I was missing something... my right leg! I could not feel it! Did I leave it back at the bench? Nope it was still attached...but had fallen asleep. No it was more than asleep...it was pretty much burried, might aswell had been 6 feet under. That is how useless it was to me. The darn thing gave out from underneath me, and my foot and ankle went north, east, south and probably even west. I became well acquainted with the courthouse's marble floor, I did not just plummet down once I went down twice,twisting my foot the other directions, if there were even any other directions left at this point!

Did I mention I was wearing a dress...Yep, I surely was wearing a dress, and that dress...flew up for all the courthouse people to see! I jumped up quicker than a jackrabbit, many people starring at me, wanting to run to my rescue. I announced to all that everything was alright, and that there was nothing to see here. I went into the courtroom, and went on with my business, while my foot went forward with it's own business... swelling beyond known capability! I stood up and could not walk. So I hopped...hopped... and hopped!

I hopped over to the bailiff when leaving and asked... Is there anyway I could get that on video?!

Lets go base jumping in South America...But I have to wait until this foot heals first!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I started another BLOG...

I am giving up sweets...and decided I wanted to BLOG about it...check it out @ http://itsasweetsurrender.blogspot.com/!!!

Join me in my sweets-free adventure!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have a confession...I am a Sushi addict! I found this place called Red Ginger Bistro...Their sushi is to die for! I am pretty sure they know me by name there. I am probably there on average, twice a week. I am dedicated to trying something new each time. Their sushi rolls are 1/2 off at all times... can you blame my addiction. I wonder if a sushi addicts anonymous exists? If there was, I am not giving up this addiction.

On the addictive note... I realize I have an addictive personality. If I find something I love (whether is be food, music, a book, or a movie) I tend to want it, listen to it, watch, read, play it all the time. I usually get to a point that it is not as obsessive which takes some time.
Current addictions: Sushi (of course), "Just Say Yes" by Snow Patrol, Diet Dr Pepper cake, Pride and Prejudice (the book currently), Hi-Chew Japanese candies, "Edge of Desire" by John Mayer, eyeshadow, "500 Days of Summer", and the gym (which is a norm for me).

I guess I am just a girl who knows what she wants.... mmmm Sushi!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So... I am a Ho!

Did you know... I am a ho?! Well that is the word on the street these days!!! Hahaha :)

One reason...I wear swimsuits that FULLY cover my "goodies"...apparently a HO qualification to some!
Another reason....I have pictures of me in my fully covering swimwear on Facebook...GASP!!!

Yet, another reason....I had/have MONO...The kissing disease!

Yep...I am a HO... just so you know!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HAWAII, Oh, How I Love thee...Let me count the ways...

I cannot believe that it has been a month since i have left the place I was supposed to be from.... Oh how i miss the lovely tropical air and sunshine of HAWAII. Pretty sure I was supposed to be Hawaiian...Darn parents! They just had to be living in Utah and no Polynesian decent whatsoever! Boo :( Well I will just pretend to be... so there.

On my tropical getaway to the "place of my birth"....I was reminded why and how much I friggin love that place with all my heart, mind, and soul..

10. The people are so chill... i need to adapt that quality into my life. Less stress that way! I need to start saying... 'whatever man...' for all that I encounter.

9. Fresh Fruit Stands! Had to stop regularly to pick up fresh coconut, mango, pineapple, papaya..... in the bundles. Pure Deliciousness!!!

8. The soft, warm sand! My toes become so giddy on the Hawaiian beaches.

7. Tropical rainstorms that come from....Nowhere! With rain...always comes adventure!

6. Matsumotos Shaved Ice!!! Need i say more. YUMMMMMMM! :)

5. Discovered Macadamia Nut Hershey Kisses... A little tasty chocolate treat that literally says,
ALOHA! Does not get bettter than that!

4. Hawaiian tan... or in my case Hawaiian sunburn. I don't mind one bit...I was touched by the
Hawaiian Sun! No complaints!

3. Massive Northshore waves!!!! Wipe Out!

2. Night swims.. So refreshing!! Ahhhh Plumerias...mmmmm

1. My soul sisters!!! It would not have been the same without them... You Know Who You Are!!!
I wanna be bback with you in Hawaii so Frickin Bad!!! Love You

This is just a snipit of the love I have for my homeland ;) ALOHAAAA!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Too Long...

Life keeps getting busier and busier. A busy life has it's good and bad points.

Bad...I never get to update this blog, I can forget my name at times, doing more of what I HAVE to do then WANT to do, headaches, lower immune system, and less sleep!

Good...I forget my name, better at prioritizing and organizing, being anxiously engaged in a "good cause", I get a lot more done, less focus on myself and more on others, happier and progress!

Anyway... I am going to try and write more often... The End!