Monday, April 18, 2011

Where's the Fire...

We were on our way to have our engagement pictures done on Saturday... we were running late of course! Kelly was driving...a bit too quickly... 20 over to be exact.... when flashing lights appeared behind us. What? Where did he come from!?! The H.P. Officer moseyed on up to the passenger side... my side… And asked "Where's the fire?!

Wanna know where the fire is? My life is the fire! School full time, work full time, doubling up on classes, graduating, moving, still R.S. Pres, and you know, planning a little party... MY WEDDING!!! It's all good, but it may or may not be leading to a breakdown... and quite possibly to numerous speeding tickets!

You may be wondering what happened that Saturday mornin, near mile marker 291, pulled over to the shoulder... Nothing!!! He was the friendliest officer I ever encountered! When asked where the fire was, we explained, and he let us go... NO TICKET! Told us to slow down, drive safe, and to stop being flustered! How thankful were we? Mucho!

It was a good lesson for me! I do need to slow down, take one day at a time, and enjoy the ride! This is probably the greatest time of my life so far, I should take it all in and not wish it away!

Thanks Officer Friendly! ;)