Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Since there is currently NO sunshine these days... I wanted to focus on sunshiny things.

I got an email from JetBlue with a special inside with options to fly to a number of locations with sunshine for super cheap! There was my favorite option...Long Beach Cali! Oh how I love Long Beach. I am in complete LOVE love with their cute airport. I day dreamed as I read this email, of me getting off the plane, there in Long Beach, and the sunshine beating down on me, with a warm gentle sea breeze. Man! I have to wipe the drool off of my chin! If I could get the time off of work, and had the extra cash... I woulda sooo been on that! Until then.... my day dreams will have to suffice :(

I have been also been craving a nice, cold, tropical, Pina Colalda! Yum! If I am drinkin one of those..it means I am somewhere warm... and not here!

I miss my bathing suites! I would so love to hop into one of those and hit the pool with towel, tanning lotion, and shades in hand! I am so craving a sun burn... weird?! Yes... but it means the sun kissed my skin... and my skin is in need of some action these days!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ok... So I may have some A.D.D. tendencies. Its' all good. i have just learned that it can be quite entertaining... even if just to myself.
For Halloween this year I did not just have one costume... I had 4!!! Yep, and they were all pretty much last minute...and Rocked!

1. A Witch...Witch Witch you're a Witch!

2. Crazy Eccentric Governess from England/Transylvania...Murder Mystery.

3. A Pirate...Ok maybe more like a Wench...Hott?!

4. Zombie.... Thriller, Need I say more?!

Ok so I may have A.D.D., but with it you cant get too bored! HAPPY HAUNTING!