Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I swear a million funny things usually happen to me (either around me, or directly involving me)...but when I go to share them...I just cannot seem to recall them all. I want to share them with everyone...but then they are gone. Funny...it is what you make of it I guess. I love funny! So I got to thinking...maybe it's me, and I am not finding situations AS funny these days...or are less funny things happening around me? HMMMM??? Not sure, maybe both?!

The only two funny things that I can think of lately…
I was driving to LAGOON…It's what fun is... and I looked over at the car next to me...it actually was not a car...an old 1960's Winnebago...with an old man driving going to town, pickin his nose! Even though he knew all passengers in my car were staring at him…didn’t stop this fierce nose pickin machine Ha...shoulda gotta pic!
Another funny that took place...I was at work, and heard laughter that then turned into a high-pitched squeaky noise. I knew who the laughter was coming from...2 hallways down from mine...yes I could hear it...but the squeaky noise...could it really be coming from him? Sure was. So from my office... I stated to my lovely friend/co-worker.. "Oh my gosh! What is that sound? Sounds like a Giant Choking Squeaky Toy...Someone needs to get that checked out!!!" It's true... that is not normal, but it sure has provided hours of entertainment since. Beware of GIANT CHOKING SQUEAKY TOY.
This actually makes me think of laughs I just can’t stand. I have a few of those in my office…and it just seems that no matter how many doors are shut, and how many notches I turn my music up to… seems to not be able to drowned out that "LAUGHTER" ! Any of you ever encountered those laughs? I often want to send an anonymous letter...telling them to fix that laugh of theirs...NO, too rude?! heehee J I just wonder, do they know how terrible they sound...do they not realize that it causes those around them to want to put their ears in sound proof box and ship them off to China? Come on people...its not cute! But I guess funny...after my ears stop bleeding.
Anyway... those are my random thoughts. Nose picking to Ugly Laughs in 60 seconds!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Who am I? What do I love to do? What drives me? These are some thoughts on my mind these days...but it really hit me hard today. I am not sure what prodded it...but it sure needed to.

I do not love what I do...I am a social worker. I have gone through ups and downs with this job for the past two years. Then I started my master to be a school counselor. Then I got to thinking...WHAT IS MY PASSION? I am not sure I really have one, and I am bound and determined to find it...even if it is the last thing I do...but lets be honest, I sure hope it is not the last thing I do. That would sure be the pits if I finally find it...then I kill over.

Sure I like all sorts of things... I like to interact with people, I like kids. I like fashion, I like movies, I like fitness and nutrition, I like to write as well as read. I like to be creative and artsy...but do I really LOVE these things??? I need to figure that out.

I also need a change, because I am not feeling passionate about any particular thing I am doing right now. In order for change to happen...I must do something to make the changes. Maybe a job change or a change of scenery...just something has gotta change.

Hopefully on this quest to finding my PASSION I find myself...but shouldn't I have already found myself...I am 26?! I guess I will some how figure it out. I did come up with a great analogy earlier about the state I am in. I love analogies!

Basically I need a door to open for me, because I am just hanging out in this hallway that has gotten pretty dark, with all the doors shut. I find myself too scared to push open any door myself to find out what is on the other side. Now I am becoming to realize that anything is better then a dark hallway...I get nowhere in a dark hallway...

Now I just need to be brave enough to start knocking at or even pushing some doors open.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Not sure if it was from watching Julie & Julia so close to hittin the sack...but i have decided I am a bit BLOG insane! I wonder if that will one day be classified as a psychological disorder in the next addition of the DSM (V) ...hmmm just a thought.

Hold the phone…back on track...BLOG Insane. I could not fall asleep last night because I kept thinking of an array of BLOG topics. I am nuts!!! I kept tossing and turning...thinking what I would share next.

Finally...I turned on my desk lamp and grabbed a trusty pencil and my mini comp notebook...and wrote away. I came up with quite the list. After writing them down...I was able to fall quickly asleep.

SO ODD!!! Not sure if I will share all those random BLOG topics...since who knows what my half asleep brain can produce...I would be scared if I were you...they probably are not the most appropriate or sane ideas. I will weed through the list I am sure.

Who knew...a BLOG could drive a woman who prizes her sleep beyond most possessions valued on the earth, to giving up her own sleep.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer...Please don't Go...

Can I please in live in a land where SUMMER graces my presence all year round??? SUMMER and me just go together. September 1st hit yesterday...RUDE awakening...21 days left of SUMMER. For all you SUMMER lovers...this may bring a tear to your eye, and for all you SUMMER haters... well I have nothing to say to you.

SUMMER is great because of...sunlight, long days, warm SUMMER nights, being outside, swimming, hiking, camping, BBQ's, flip flops, less layers, 4th of July, snow cones, sunbathing, running, fresh veggies and fruit stands, running through sprinklers, parades, fireflies, smell of sun block, LAGOON, road trips, yard sales, lemonade stands, picnics, and the list goes on and on.... AHHHH

I guess instead of dwelling on the little SUMMER I have left...I should be grateful, enjoy, and look forward to counting down the days, weeks and months until June 21, 2010!
There is light (SUMMER) at the end of the tunnel (the rest of the year)...