Thursday, December 15, 2011

Slow Down... Christmas!

How come the Holidays can’t be like they were when I was a kid… Christmas took FOREVER to arrive, the anticipation and excitement would almost just cause me to burst! The highlight of my day was being able to take that little tiny chocolate out of the countdown calendar, just to make sure to get one day closer to the jolliest of holidays! Now I have a countdown calendar and it gets too far ahead of me… last night I changed it from 16 days left to 10 days left. Ahhhh! It just comes too fast now! I want more time to savor and cherish this special time of the year…

So to help remedy that some… I have been doing something Christmasy as often as possible. Started the season off with the annual Girls Christmas Get Together. So fun to catch up, reminisce, and dream about the future. Had a couple of craft nights, and made some super cute decorations to increase the holiday ambiance in my home.

Went and got a REAL tree! Ohhh how I love the smell of our apartment when I walk in…. Kelly and I really enjoyed picking it out together, had to make sure it had some “personality”, and strapping it to the roof of our car was quite the team work activity. Glad I have me a man now :)Found some random Christmas decorations that we are slowly adding to the tree daily.

Making yummy treats, such as hot cocoa stirrers. I created quite the mess in my kitchen… but they were sure yummy! And of course we can’t forget about making gingerbread houses aka a graham cracker ghetto rambler with hot tamale shingles. Had a triple date with some of our friends. It was so fun to get together and create our Christmas masterpieces.

We have several other festivities on our list… the Dickens Festival… Christmas movie-athons, the perfect stocking search, Temple Square Christmas lights, MY BIRTHDAY, ornament exchange, and creating new and lasting traditions for our future family. Oh how I love the Holiday Season… no matter what I do… I just need to soak it all in, not rush through it, and just enjoy the moment I am in!

Merry Merry Christmas to You, to You!!