Thursday, July 22, 2010

Could I Get that on Video....

I tore the tendons in my lovely and oh so handy right foot! How did this happen you may be asking...
I live quite the wild life style, as most of you may know ;) I went on a getaway vacay to South America. I decided to be adventurous and go base jumping in a tropical rainforest. It looked ridiculously exciting! there were no thoughts in my head of what damage could result from this activity...I just wanted an adrenaline rush! Woo Woo! So I took my chances. Long story short... I landed wrong on my foot, and really tore it up. Can you believe this?


Truth... I was working and had to go to court for one of my cases. I was sitting there waiting for the bailiff to call my case in. The courthouse is nice enough to provide wood benches for our sitting pleasure. I had right leg crossed over my left leg. They called my case, I quickly stood up, but realized I was missing something... my right leg! I could not feel it! Did I leave it back at the bench? Nope it was still attached...but had fallen asleep. No it was more than asleep...it was pretty much burried, might aswell had been 6 feet under. That is how useless it was to me. The darn thing gave out from underneath me, and my foot and ankle went north, east, south and probably even west. I became well acquainted with the courthouse's marble floor, I did not just plummet down once I went down twice,twisting my foot the other directions, if there were even any other directions left at this point!

Did I mention I was wearing a dress...Yep, I surely was wearing a dress, and that dress...flew up for all the courthouse people to see! I jumped up quicker than a jackrabbit, many people starring at me, wanting to run to my rescue. I announced to all that everything was alright, and that there was nothing to see here. I went into the courtroom, and went on with my business, while my foot went forward with it's own business... swelling beyond known capability! I stood up and could not walk. So I hopped...hopped... and hopped!

I hopped over to the bailiff when leaving and asked... Is there anyway I could get that on video?!

Lets go base jumping in South America...But I have to wait until this foot heals first!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I started another BLOG...

I am giving up sweets...and decided I wanted to BLOG about it...check it out @ http://itsasweetsurrender.blogspot.com/!!!

Join me in my sweets-free adventure!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have a confession...I am a Sushi addict! I found this place called Red Ginger Bistro...Their sushi is to die for! I am pretty sure they know me by name there. I am probably there on average, twice a week. I am dedicated to trying something new each time. Their sushi rolls are 1/2 off at all times... can you blame my addiction. I wonder if a sushi addicts anonymous exists? If there was, I am not giving up this addiction.

On the addictive note... I realize I have an addictive personality. If I find something I love (whether is be food, music, a book, or a movie) I tend to want it, listen to it, watch, read, play it all the time. I usually get to a point that it is not as obsessive which takes some time.
Current addictions: Sushi (of course), "Just Say Yes" by Snow Patrol, Diet Dr Pepper cake, Pride and Prejudice (the book currently), Hi-Chew Japanese candies, "Edge of Desire" by John Mayer, eyeshadow, "500 Days of Summer", and the gym (which is a norm for me).

I guess I am just a girl who knows what she wants.... mmmm Sushi!