Thursday, March 1, 2012

White... Knuckles

There are too many things that are white these days… my legs, the ground outside, and my knuckles last night! Not a fan of the snow storm we had last night… BOO! Why is there a snow covered earth outside my door, the first day of March? Pretty sure winter was supposed to start a couple months ago... and it decides to show up now, as spring is quickly (lets pray) approaching! We didn’t even have snow on Christmas… but we get it now?! I guess it is better than dead brown grass, and we do need the “moisture”, but I don’t want it! Had to work late last night, and afterward drove home on deaths highway, with fists clenching away the life and soul out of the steering wheel. When I arrived home, miraculously in safety, my face was as white as the knuckles I had to pry off the wheel! I am grateful I got home safely, but I will be more grateful when the white snow melts, and the nice warm sun melts away my pasty white legs!! Only 20 more days until SPRING! The thought alone giddyfies me!

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