Friday, January 21, 2011

Is it over...

I have had the LONGEST 3 days ever! During these longest 3 days...EVER...the following may or may not have occurred:

Changed over 200 students schedules ... Never Never Never Ending! Come on kids, I am not your personal scheduler!!!
Had thoughts of possibly causing a number of students to loose useful limbs...
Dealt with a "parent" who insulted my life as a independent, happy, single woman. even though I fixed her problem... she kept insulting... and i kept telling her to get out of my office.
Consumed unheard of amounts of chocolate and Diet Dr. Pepper!
Cried several times over possibly unnecessary reasons... We all deserve a good cry now and again :'(
Woke up at 3:45am a few times to fit the gym into my packed tight schedule.
May have looked up several getaway vacay destination...
Thought of switching degrees... this happened more than 10 times.
Said "Damn it!" in front of a few kids...uhhhhh....sssshhhh, don't tell!
Closed my eyes as walked down halls... just to give my eyes much needed, and deserved rest.
Skipped way too many meals... Not good... I get grumpy!
Typed up this blog entry to help these last painful 30 min go by quickly!! It worked! I am outie!

It is over!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your Life is Sad when....

You get excited for the Temperature to reach 38 def. F!!! Ok, maybe my life is not sad, but the weather sure is! I am already counting down the days until spring... 68!!! Spring oh Spring... Come to me!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To Cali...and Back!

For my BIRTHDAY and CHRISTMAS gift I was given a road trip to Southern CALIFORNIA from this amazingly awesome man in my life!!! He had read a previous blog entry about how much I love Long Beach Cali, and he planned a trip for the 2 of us to spend a few days there. He waited until my birthday to tell me where we were going exactly. I opened up an envelope on my b-day, and the destination was placed inside! I was so excited I nearly..ok I did attack him!

We started our fun field road trip on Sunday December 26th, and ended on New Years Eve.
Road Trip Adventures included; Coke Factory, M&M Factory, H&M, car dance parties, sing-a-longs, and several Diet Doctor Pepper (DDP) stops.

I had the time of my life, non stop fun, adventure and relaxin! Amazing sunsets, walks on the beach, ice cream on the pier, morning swims, window shopping, lots of pictures, sushi sushi sushi, tooooo much food...nearly exploded (literally), wind and rain, SUNSHINE, hotels on the beach, palm trees with Christmas lights, drives along the coast, and I must mention DDP at McDonalds :)

I cannot forget to mention the road trip home! Not much to say except: -14deg temps, shorts, and road side stop in Santaquin Ut as the clock struck twelve-OO...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(I LOVE CALI! thanks Kelly!!!)