Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Allergies or Sleep...?

LOVE Spring with all my heart, and all my allergies! Spring means sunshine, green grass, blossoms, and flowers... which then translates to itchy...watery...runny.. burning, eyes, ears, nose, and throat!

I promise, I do love Spring... I just have to see past all the itching and sneezing.

Spring was killing me, and I needed some relief, so I went for the good stuff, Allegra D this week... Found out personally why they keep it behind the counter away from the meth heads! I immediately took some, just before bed time... not a smart idea I soon found out. I got only 3 hours of sleep that night! Why? Oh, because my heart was racing a mile a minute, and I felt like I was running the 50 yard dash! I couldn't stop sweating either. But, Allergies... GONE!

Lesson... Take the good allergy 'D' stuff in the morning...and get lots done like a Meth mom ;)

Happy Spring!

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