Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Half FULL…

I need to be more positive! This is not a recent realization, just a realization that I constantly remind myself of, but do not continually act on. I feel that I am positive for the most part, but those sneaky Debby Downer attitudes like to creep in occasionally, and get the better of me. I hate when they do! I hate it because I know I am much better than that. I believe I am generally a happy person… then why do I take on such a cruddy attitude at times?!

As I have gotten older… not that I am old or anything ;)… I have noticed that this “Realist” perspective has begun to make its presence known. Why can’t I have that mind and heart of that little girl, where everything was great, and everything would work out?! Where have I hidden her?! I know I can find her. I am always so impressed with my Kelly and how positive he is… he takes each day as it comes… and does not get stressed over the little things that he has no control over. It really is a good way to be. He has already helped me take those “Realist” glasses off… to see how great I have really got it! I need to take that happy persona that I have been given… and use it to lift me up… along with others.

In honor of one of my favorite holidays… I really do have so much to be thankful for…

My Hubby: I sure got lucky with him! He is my best friend, who makes me laugh, holds me when I cry, packs my lunches, thinks I am perfect :)

My Family: A mom who loves and supports me no matter what, a sister who is there for me, who I can share every deep dark secret with, and a dad who makes me laugh and will give even if he has nothing.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ: I would be sooo lost without it! I love my Savior and all that he has given me. It provides the faith and hope to see everything half full… and more!

A great job: Grateful for the security it provides, the difference that I am hopefully making in student’s lives, and the supportive co workers I have.

Amazing Friends: You know who you are! Those who love me through the ups and downs, who I know will be there for me when I need them, most.

That is just the beginning… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Turkey Turkey!!!

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