Monday, April 29, 2013

5 weeks!

There are only 5 weeks... 36 days... 858 hours... Until the end of the 2012/2013 school year...and to FULL TIME MOMMYHOOD!

It is certainly a bittersweet feeling. I have been back and forth with my final decision for a couple of months now. I knew deep in my heart and mind what I really wanted to do...but I just needed to take a step forward into the darkness and have faith that everything would work out.

I took the step forward last week when I told our principal here at CHHS that I was not coming back next year. It felt good to finally put it out there, and make it real. After I told him, I walked into my office and cried. Not quite sure why I cried, probably for many reasons, I'd miss my amazing co-workers, I'd miss the kids (some of them), I'd miss my cute office, and I'd miss my identity as a counselor. I would much rather have the identity of a mommy, but it will still miss the counselor identity.

I am so very grateful I will have the incredible opportunity to be a full time mom. I am so excited, and I look forward to all the new and different time I will have to spend with my babies.

(I wrote this 2 weeks ago... so only 3 weeks now!)