Monday, January 14, 2013


This has GOT to be the year of the SICKYS!!! I have been sick for over a month now. It has not been fun, and frankly, I am SICK of it! I am surprised I still have both my lungs, and that all of my ribs are still intact...well at least I hope. I was coughing on my 30th birthday...sign of old age, I assume. Sneezing on Christmas, and started the new year of with quite the case of the sniffles...AAACHEW! Thought I was feeling better... and another bug caught me again last week. My baby has been sick, my hubby has been sick..and we just want to feel better.

Sick of winter! Sick of the mucky yucky air! Just Sick!

Ok... Just a vent! Maybe now I got that off my chest (Pun INTENDED), I will start feeling better.

Sending Healthy Blessings your way! :)