Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A MOM...!?!

I am officially a MOM now... a MOM!!! I never thought that I would ever hold that title... let alone be in love with that title. I want to have an honest moment here… I was terrified to have a baby... to be a mom! I never felt that it was me, or that I could live up to that. I was scared that I would have to give up a part of me or that it would not feel right. I was even worried that I would have to be a little more selfless and less selfish. It freaked me out that I was being entrusted with a special little piece of heaven.
But... I had to set all those fears and insecurities aside and open the door to motherhood!

 I am absolutely, head over heels, IN LOVE with my little LYLA, my own little piece of heaven. Sure it is still terrifying at times... but it’s a good terror, because it is an adventure! I have not lost myself... maybe my waistline, and some of my wardrobe... but having this sweet little girl in my life has definitely lead me to find more of who I really am. I feel so blessed to have her, to learn and grow, and to watch her learn and grow. She is so darn cute, and she makes me feel joy that I have never felt before. It sure can be overwhelming, and stressful at times, but when she smiles at me, or wraps her tiny hands around my finger, it somehow it all worth it...I'M A MOM!!!