Friday, February 24, 2012

Jump... Warning!

I swear I am the jumpiest person I have ever met! My body and mind are alarmed over the slightest abnormalities. Whether it is a speck in the mirror, which I think is a ghost, or the sound of someone in the apartment next to us moving around… I Jump! I get so annoyed with myself, as I am sure those who are sitting snuggly next to me, do when watching a movie… I jump even during some of the least intense moments. Don’t even get me started on the intense, loud volume ones… I am as shaky as the machine gun going off in the scene.

Kelly and I have this thing where we kinda like to scare one another… ok… maybe it’s me really enjoying scaring him. I have got him really good a couple of times! Bahaha! Just thinking about the expression on his face as he looked like he was going to cry and hyperventilate at the same time, makes me want to plan out my next Scream scene! He is this big tough, “Because I am a man” Man, and it brings such a sense of fulfillment when he turns into a little scared girl for a few moments in time. But when it comes to scaring me, he does not have to go through any particular planning… he just walks casually into the kitchen, and my Ninja moves come out. I may have to get that checked out… I even had my breath taken away yesterday, by some ice in the bathroom sink at work. In my defense, it was out of the ordinary and I thought it was a giant bug! Or maybe I can just blame it on me being pregnant… increased anxiety? Sounds as good as an excuse as any. Did I just make you jump out of your seat?! JUMP JUMP!