Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Resting My Eyes...

Geesh! I am sleepy today! I don’t know what it is, but I could lay my lil ol head down on my pilla and take a snooze! This is a happy thought for me not just today… but often! 8 hrs or more… is common…so it’s not like I am not getting enough sleep. I either have too much energy…where I can be a lot to handle for some…or I am crashing. I feel like I am not often a happy medium. I am pretty sure my inner being is battling whether it is a hyper active 6 year old or a withering away elderly woman! Talk about inner confusion!
I just think about that 8+ hours of sleep and all the other things I could be doing… then I get exhausted and just sleep. I was talking a lifelong friend the other day about how we used to go out dancing and stay out until 3am then wake up in the morning at work all day. The topic alone exhausted me! How did I ever do that? I am certainly not that girl anymore… but dang wish that I didn’t have such a love affair with closing my eyelids for long durations of time! I hate that I have come to believe that 10pm is late. I can see it now… my grandkids (or kids at the rate of exhaustion I am on) nudging me to wake up in a variety of non-nap situations… and in reply I will open my exhausted lids to say, “Just resting my eyes”!
(In Memory of Grandma Pearson)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Biggest Looser...

Marriage has brought many things...including more than a few pounds :( I blame it on being too happy and not caring! But it is time to shed those pounds and get back on track. Still be happy :) but start caring!

Kelly and I have challenged another couple friend of ours to the Biggest Looser! We are excited for this much needed motivation... not that our decreasing wardrobes, due to the fact of everything shrinking, was not enough! We are going to check in on the other couple monthly, whoever has the least weight loss percentage owes the most weight loss couple a fun and active date night. Then the ultimate prize is a trip to Vegas Baby in March! Where the winners (losers) gets trip perks complimentary of losing team. Yipeee!

We are super excited to get back on track and motivate one another along the way! So.... Goodbye late night Del Taco Runs, Weekly ice-cream tastings, daily 44 oz DDP stops, tasty baked goods, Holiday Popcorn retreats, and saying yes to any food paraded my way! Hello to...Feeling better about selves, fitting in to our "skinny jeans", more energy, healthier lifestyle, and more accountability to what we put into our bodies.

I shall keep you posted :) Expect Success!!!