Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I never got to go to prom... Kelly brought prom to me with a lil bling bling!!!

Kelly called me Wednesday afternoon and told me we have dinner reservations at 6pm...and to dress up... "I am taking you to your "Prom" tonight baby!"

I could not focus for the rest of the afternoon...I was a kid on Christmas Eve (or just me on Christmas Eve). I went home after work and got all dolled up for the night. Curls, heels... the works! He arrived with bouquet of choral roses in hand, a snazzy suite (with a tie that matched my dress Perfectly!), and a smile that made my knees weak. We rolled away in a brand new black BMW (something borrowed).

Our destination... Millcreek Canyon's, Log Haven restaurant. ( I had always dreamed about going here as a young girl, when I would fish with my daddy just across the street. I imagined my boyfriend taking me there for a fancy dinner, or having an outdoor wedding by the stream).

After the waitress took our orders, Kelly showed me around, since he had been there before. We found a nice quite room, with a nice open floor, and twinkly lights, that over looked a water fall. Kelly then took my hand and introduced the dance portion of the night... fiddled with his techy phone... and my favorite slow songs entertained us from his suite pocket. He held me close and told me how much he loves me and can’t wait to start his life with me. During this time his hands were fidgeting in the small of my back. Lifehouse’s, Everything, began to play… soon after, a giddy school boy grin stretched across his face, and he slowly shimmied down to one knee. I was in shock… and of course began to cry! He then told me how he wants to be with me forever and asked me to be his wife! Through my whimpers and tears I managed to get out an “Ofcourse!” and he put the stunning ring on my fing!

He stood up, seeming to still want an answer from me… “So…?” “Of course, you silly!” Then I cried some more. I am pretty sure some tears weld up in his eyes too! :) We danced for a while longer… then went back to our amazing meal! My stare was torn between looking at my hunk of a FIANCE and my blingy ring, for the remainder of the evening.

We arrived back at my place… much to my surprise this magical evening was not over! We walked into my apartment, and the prom fairy had visited and threw up everywhere. Kelly and my sister, April, got a bunch of our friends together to surprise me. They were all dec’d out in fancy prom attire. Cake, group photos (with a full on backdrop), and a dance party followed!

All I can say is… I am one LUCKY LADY! He is soo soo good to me! They still do make good guys, and I got one of the best! I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

I love you Kelly Horrocks :)

(p.s. June 8th 2011...Save the Date!!!)