Sunday, August 15, 2010


At church today we had a new girl in our Relief Society...she was so darn cute and 19! Even before I asked her, her age, I knew she was a young one. Then it got me wishin for a few moments that I could be 19 again, and people thinkin... oh she is young and cute! I swear it was just yesterday... I was fresh out of high school, ready to take on the world! I loved 19 and 20....they were my favorite ages... but I have added a few more favorites as time has gone on...27 is definitely NOT one of them! I had so many dreams and goals...where have those gone today?! I know 27 is not old...but when I sit next to cute 19 year-old gals, I do wonder where I fit it on the old spectrum. It really starts to put things into perspective for me. I have sure experienced a lot since 19... school in Hawaii, mission in New York, heartache, passing of loved ones, relationships that helped me learn so much about myself and what I want.
But hey at least I have lots of people fooled...I get 22 all the time! I'll take that! Totally random thoughts...but Truth be Told... I was thinkin them!!!