Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HAWAII, Oh, How I Love thee...Let me count the ways...

I cannot believe that it has been a month since i have left the place I was supposed to be from.... Oh how i miss the lovely tropical air and sunshine of HAWAII. Pretty sure I was supposed to be Hawaiian...Darn parents! They just had to be living in Utah and no Polynesian decent whatsoever! Boo :( Well I will just pretend to be... so there.

On my tropical getaway to the "place of my birth"....I was reminded why and how much I friggin love that place with all my heart, mind, and soul..

10. The people are so chill... i need to adapt that quality into my life. Less stress that way! I need to start saying... 'whatever man...' for all that I encounter.

9. Fresh Fruit Stands! Had to stop regularly to pick up fresh coconut, mango, pineapple, papaya..... in the bundles. Pure Deliciousness!!!

8. The soft, warm sand! My toes become so giddy on the Hawaiian beaches.

7. Tropical rainstorms that come from....Nowhere! With rain...always comes adventure!

6. Matsumotos Shaved Ice!!! Need i say more. YUMMMMMMM! :)

5. Discovered Macadamia Nut Hershey Kisses... A little tasty chocolate treat that literally says,
ALOHA! Does not get bettter than that!

4. Hawaiian tan... or in my case Hawaiian sunburn. I don't mind one bit...I was touched by the
Hawaiian Sun! No complaints!

3. Massive Northshore waves!!!! Wipe Out!

2. Night swims.. So refreshing!! Ahhhh Plumerias...mmmmm

1. My soul sisters!!! It would not have been the same without them... You Know Who You Are!!!
I wanna be bback with you in Hawaii so Frickin Bad!!! Love You

This is just a snipit of the love I have for my homeland ;) ALOHAAAA!!!