Saturday, December 12, 2009

a whistle...

My nose has been so dang dry lately...darn desert we live in mixed with darn winter!!! Anyway along with that dry nose, I have noticed that my nose has more whistling talent then I have ever had! I will be talking and here a little whistling tune coming from my nostril area...geesh what is that about!? I had one of those whistling occurrences yesterday. They can be quite embarrassing when in the wrong company. I was reminded of one of those awkward and embarrassing nose-whistling moments that occurred on my mission.

My companion and I were tracting, and a lady let us in from the bitter cold outside. After we entered her house, we started sharing a bit of the gospel with her. As I began sharing our message, my nose decided to join in as well. The funny thing was, at first I did not realize the whistle was coming from me at all. My companion, the lady and I looked around at first, in wonderment of where this whistle was coming from. Every time I stopped talking, the whistling would stop. I soon realized it was coming from my nose.

My companion realized soon after. I tried coughing and sniffing but it would just not go away. Here I was trying to have a moment, and my nose just wont shut up. The lady was slightly confused. My companion quickly took over...to give my singing nose a break. After we left the home, I could not get my nose to whistle for the life of me. I guess it is one of those noses that only likes to play for a crowd.

A whistle nose…who knew I had talent!