Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Never Say...Never!

Ok, this title has nothing to do with the incredibly cute pop icon, Justin Bieber...But these words are words to consider, and realize we have all had to eat up a few "never(s)" a time or two!

(Warning: if you have a weak stomach, you may not want to continue...possible goosh and moosh may be dripping from this blog entry!)

I NEVER thought I could be so happy I wanna cry! Crunch...Smiling with tears!
I said I would NEVER find a man that treats me like the princess I am! Chewing...Found Him!
I was adamant about NEVER letting anyone get too close... Come on Over Baby!
I NEVER knew Good Guys existed...GOOD? I got the Best!
I said I would NEVER be a producer of PDA! Swallowing Whole... SMOOOOCH! :)
I for sure would NEVER want to give all my time to one person! Gulp... Can he come to girl’s night too?! :)
I NEVER understood how goodbyes could be hard!? Hard? Painful more like it! And that's if he is just taking out the trash!
I NEVER knew I could be so sure about something! Chomp! I am sooo sure about him!
I may have mentioned I would NEVER be all eewy...gooey, mooshy...gooshy, lovey...dovey! Yum Yum... Call me all of the above!

I always said I would NEVER fall in LOVE...Ate that Never right on up! I am so in LOVE... it is quite disgusting!

Glad I was wrong! Glad I am eating all those Never(s) right on up!
I never knew it could taste so good!

(I NEVER thought I would write an entry like this! I bet you are wishing I NEVER did! ...I warned you!)